Friday, February 26, 2016

Configmgr Performance Tuning

Microsoft best practice for ConfigMgr is for all disk queue lengths to be < 2

If you experience sluggish poor performance on your Server, you might want to check on the Disk Queue lenght as well as the traditional CPU and Memory.

Very often on Virtualized environments like VMware and Hyper-V I see poor disk performance. But it can also be more hidden and difficult to discover from within the VM. Like to many IOPS and high memory usage on the Host. Then you need tools and performance monitoring on the actual Hosts.

If your Server Application in example Configmgr are still running slow after checking the things mentioned above, then it might be your SQL server not performing well.
Then have a look at this blogpost.

Also what Powerplan are you currently running on your Windows Server.

High Performance if you want High Performance :)

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