Friday, February 26, 2016

Configmgr 1511 New Features

The new version of System Center Configuration Manager are released with its version name 1511

These are the new features that you will find in the Console after looking around.
I'll go through some of them.

Site Servicing Status is a BIG news on the 1511 version and will be the place where you will find new versions of Configmgr. Easy to upgrade. So it keeps the release pace with Intune and Windows 10.   This is very very good.

Support for the new Classification - Upgrades.   This delivers new Windows 10 builds.

But be carefull with this as it may cause massive download on your Distribution Points.
Read more Kent Agerlunds blog

Also you need some Hotfix on your WSUS for this to work first.

Very nice Option to check.
If you are running Windows 2008 R2 WSUS, you might want to take an extra look that its able to clean up succesfully without crashing.
Finally!! :) This will be exciting to do some more testing on.
With SCCM 2012 there was a big change in how deployments were presented.
Deployments to Computers were shown in the Software Center client, and Available User Deployments were shown in the Application Portal. Great Self Service Portal, that you can publish all your software applications for the users to pick up and install when they want.

Now with this you Software Center Client, users will be able you see both the Computer and User based Deployments in the Software Center view.

And yes Building and Capturing a Windows 10 Image works, with Updates!!  :-)

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  1. GREAT. I think such new functions will be very useful for users. I also use secure file share for data. Hope, this helps to protect data!