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Windows 10 on MAC

Installed Windows 10 on Your MAC and want to have 100% disk available?

You have the option to Install Windows 10 with the 100% capacity of your disk at once using a Boot Camp USB Boot stick, or you can install it using Boot Camp from within your MAC OS X and have booth available and switch between what you want to run.

And I did the second option like probably most people did because we was not sure how well Windows would run on a MAC hardware. Well its really similar to a PC and it all comes down to drivers to support the platform. And I got to say the MAC hardware is pretty cool, fast, durable and slick piece of machinery made in aluminium.    Not in the end its not perfect match for running Windows though, because the keyboard has some symbols in the wrong place, like @. But you'll get use to that without looking pretty fast.

Mac models that support Windows 10

How to install a fresh new Windows 10 on your Mac

Alright, so I like it so much that I don't want my OS X anymore!
And I wanted to have 100% of my Disk available for Windows 10!

My configuration had been for a couple of months a split 50% disk in the MAC OS X world and 50% for the Windows 10. All good.

If you are thinking of running Hyper-V or another hypervisor virtualization on Windows 10 on your Macbook. Stop now and think before you act. You might not wanna go there!

Running Hyper-V are working fine in it self. Little adjustments and tweaks to get the resolution and scaling to look good.... not perfect yet. But perhaps in next bootcamp driver update.. I hope.
BUT only for a while...  You might probably run into that suddenly your vt-x Virtualization gets disabled along with you GPU. Fix for this is boot into OSX and then back to Windows again, as the OSX enables vt-x when booted and add this config to some sort of memory NVRam perhaps, not sure. And after turning of, booting resetting your Windows some times and not booting the OSX it suddenly switches off the vt-x, and you have no BIOS or UEFI config to enable this like in a ordinary PC. This has to be switched on by the software, bootloader or OS.
This part is kind of bad! But will probably be fixed in future Bootcamp drivers and Windows 10.
The quick and dirty fix to this with help from my fellow colleague Ole Idar, I had to add some UEFI bootloader and the result of that is that on every boot it will boot into a boot menu in order to turn on vt-x again.  Will write more soon.    Hopefully in near future Microsoft and Apple will work this out in a smoother way.

So in order to fix this, you need to follow the instruction in the Windows section on this page:

After that your Macbook will always boot into this bootmenu and autoselect Windows 10 after 15sec.
Thats it, and of course with virtualization Enabled. If not, boot once into the middle selection and then choose the Windows 10 selection on the left.

Moving on...    (you are warned)

Also remember to have the latest Boot Camp. This is actually the drivers you need for getting Windows to work with the MAC. Latest version fixes a couple of thing and the Sleep mode problem that have existed for a while running Windows on a MAC. There have also been issues with high battery consumption, all though I have not had any problems with this on latest release of Boot Camp and latest Windows 10.        (pardon the Norwegian text on screen shoot beneath)

Alright, So back to destroying OS X.

I didn't find much information about this on the internet. Actually you find pretty much information about how to get rid of your Boot Camp Windows installation on a MAC. But not the other way around. And all information about how to install Windows using Boot Camp you will be told that you can Never re-size or change your Boot Camp partition after you have set it to a size.
Now I didn't want to believe this and had to give it a try. And I needed the disk space Now!

Remember to backup your data files before continuing. As this is on your on risk. No guaranties! but it worked for me:-)

This is what I did.

First! Ensure you MAC boots into the Windows at automatically on every boot using the Boot Camp control utility.   (you will have both the BOOTCAMP and OSX listed).

Test this by rebooting your MAC and it should automatically start into Windows every time.


Start Disk Management in Windows and it should look something like this

Start deleting partitions...   carefully, you want to keep your BOOT CAMP NTFS partition.

So then, this is what it looks like.
OS X is now destroyed!

And you will only see the BOOTCAMP Windows partition in the Boot Camp Control Panel

So, all good.
But I cannot ReSize my Windows partition using the built in Disk management tool.
Perhaps you could use the MAC OSX boot USB Stick to resize it. But I didn't bother trying that.
And you could surly use many different Third party Partition Tools, but the one I used are free and worked for me. Supports Windows 10. It's Called Minitool Partition Wizard.

Pretty easy to use.

Resize the BOOTCAMP parition to use the Unallocated space.

After Applying and Rebooting I now have 100% disk capasity in my Windows :-))  wooohoo!!

Renaming it to something better than BOOTCAMP...

Removing the Disk utility as I don't need that anymore.

Another thing, you might experience that scrolling the mouse up and down at pages are to fast. Try adjusting this setting down to 2 or 1.

Trackpad gestures in Mac are still better, but I would guess that Windows 10 are getting better every day as software and drivers are updated.
And you might want to get the Trackpad scrolling normal for Windows and not the Mac way, you have to edit registry for that:

Remember if you do the steps above there is no way back.
It would mean formatting the harddrive and starting over.

Also it would be wise to create and OSX USB install media with latest version available on your Mac OSX and store it safe. In case you should want to reinstall your MAC back original.
Or ofcouse if you have a newer MAC you could press CMD + R and boot into internet and it would download and install latest OSX. Now this is just amazing feature Apple has, there is just nothing like it!

In the End, my advice to you is
-Keep you MAC OSX as it is and add Windows 10 in an Dual boot option with Boot Camp!  And you'll probably need a bigger Windows 10 partition than the OSX partition.

With this you can keep you MAC as it is, still boot into OSX once n a while to upgrade the System Firmware, maybe use it for private stuff like browsing, listening to music, streaming airplay and for that OSX with its superb mouse gestures and smooth scrolling it fantastic!

Then for work and business, Microsoft office, Skype, presentations, Hyper-V, Onedrive,  boot into Windows 10! 

And if your Virtualization feature on CPU should be disabled and you want to enable it. Boot back into your MAC OSX and do this:

"Instead of booting into Windows by holding the option key on startup, boot in to OS X. Then go to System Preferences -> Startup Disk and choose your Boot Camp partition. The computer will restart and boot into Windows, with virtualization enabled."

Enjoy! :-)

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