Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Prepare for Windows 10

Must be Configuration Manager 2012 R2 SP1 (SP2)

Cummulative Update 2 


Windows Assessment Deployment Kit must be Win 10

SQL 2012 SP2 or newer

Windows Server prefere WS 2012 R2   (can upgrade from WS 2012)

Remember to Disable antimalware when doing upgrade on the Server.
Other tools that are nice to have is:
You will also need WinPE 10 Drivers if available, for Windows 10 Boot Image.
SETUP.EXE includes a command line switch that tells it to “check for compatibility” but not actually perform the upgrade.  The full command line would typically look something like this:

SETUP.EXE /Auto Upgrade /Quiet /NoReboot /DynamicUpdate Disable /Compat ScanOnly

Possible Errors could be:

  • No issues found:  0xC1900210
  • Compatibility issues found (hard block):  0xC1900208
  • Migration choice (auto upgrade) not available (probably the wrong SKU or architecture)· 0xC1900204
  • Does not meet system requirements for Windows 10: 0xC1900200
  • Insufficient free disk space: 0xC190020E

  • Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit

    And also Windows 10 Drivers, but if its not available for that model or brand. Then you can use Windows 8.1 or Windows 8.

    SETUP.EXE /Auto Upgrade /Quiet /NoReboot /DynamicUpdate Disable /Compat ScanOnly

     If it failes it mean that you may have an imcompatible hardware og application, or to little free diskspace. On 64bit you should have at least 20GB available.

    To investigate further what caused the Setup to fail during In-Place Upgrade Task Sequence deployment from Configmgr.
    Have a look in this folder on the Workstation:
    XML files in the C:\$windows.~bt\Sources\Panther

    Log file locationDescription
    $windows.~bt\Sources\Panther Log location before Setup can access the drive.
    $windows.~bt\Sources\Rollback Log location when Setup rolls back in the event of a fatal error.
    %WINDIR%\Panther Log location of Setup actions after disk configuration.
    %WINDIR%\Inf\Setupapi*.log Used to log Plug and Play device installations.
    %WINDIR%\Memory.dmp Location of memory dump from bug checks.
    %WINDIR%\Minidump\*.dmp Location of log minidumps from bug checks.
    %WINDIR%\System32\Sysprep\PantherLocation of Sysprep logs.

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