Thursday, March 19, 2015

Windows 10 Update

This morning I was finishing a presentation slide and working on my Demo environment an hour before I where going to do a presentation for a new customer.

So all of a sudden as I often do I just ran Windows Update to see that my system where uptodate.
And there it was, an update called something like: fbl_impressive..---
Seemed harmless to do, even though I didnt know what it was.

So, it started updating and it took a very looooong time to run... preparing to install.. and I was running out of time and needed to drive to the customer for doing the presentation.
So I restarted the computer and it started installing a new Windows 10 BUILD  !! :-)) Ohhhyes, well this was not good for me now.. I had about half and hour before the meeting and this Update took like forever.  Soooo what to do ???

Well, I took my chances and hit the PowerButton turning the machine off and crossed my fingeres.
It was a risk I was willing to take. I could end with a non booting half installed system..

Happely as I was on my way to the meeting I booted up the machine again and it restored to previous Windows build just in time for the presentation. :-)

This kind of update is not for everyone I assume-...  you have to be in the Fast program.

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