Monday, March 9, 2015

Improve your Task Sequence

Keep you Task Sequence simple, as fail safe and structured as possible.

Some tips along the way that.

Add the New "Check Readiness" at the Top of your Task Sequence, you dont need MDT. 
This will stop you from accidentally run your TS on a Server or several servers witch would be catastrofic.

Many customers have several Task Sequences to adjust different settings depending on where the computer would be located, like differet time zone setting, OU membership while domain join.
One way of beeing able you scope down to just one Task Sequence would be using WMI query or perhaps you could use Collection Variable that will be used in the Task Sequence.
Having several Task Sequences can be time demanding to keep up to date with latest Java and Acrobat in example.

And you are using Driver Packs right?

And Perhaps the PnP step for other models..

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