Friday, November 4, 2011

SCCM 2007 R3 - Build and Capture Windows 7 Image the right way. With Software Update integrated

Start setting up your SCCM Site Server.

  • Server Locator Point
  • Software Update Point
  • Fall Back Status Point
  • Hotfix KB 2509007    for Software Update issue.
    • No need to Create a package, as this is for Task Sequence OSD.
  • Update Configmgr Client Package to distribution point. (adds the hotfix)
  • Create at Windows 7 Build and Capture Collection
  • Create a Hyper-V og VmWare Client machine (VmWare network card E1000 works).
    • 2x CPU. 3GB Mem. 30GB disk. Manual enter a uniqe MAC address
    • Add the machine with Name and MAC to the Windows 7 Build and Capture Collection.
  • Create a Windows 7 Build and Capture Software Update Management job. Add all Windows 7 updates, and assign them mandatory to the Windows 7 Build and Capture Collection.
  • Start Creating a Build and Capture Task Sequence

Partition Disk - Choose Quick Format
Let the Build and Capture machine allways be in Workgroup
Remove the Add Device Drivers step.

Adding Office 2010 to the Image, might be a good idee. Because its very time consuming.
And creating a new Image is very easy.
But if you have some users still in the need for Office 2007 and some on the 2010 you might be better of having just one Image and two different OSD Task Sequences.

Setup Windows and ConfigMgr Installation properties

Replace the xxxxx with the Package ID for your Configmgr Client Package.

Installation properties:
SMSCACHESIZE=8000 SMSSLP=SCCM.DOMAIN SMSMP=SCCM.DOMAIN FSP=SCCM.DOMAIN PATCH="%_SMSTSMDataPath%\OSD\xxxxxxxx\i386\hotfix\KB2509007\sccm2007ac-sp2-kb2509007-x86-enu.msp"

And Go !

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