Monday, November 7, 2011

Deploy Office 2010 with Configmgr

How to deploy and create Office 2010 package.

To run Office Customization Tool you might need to download these files and extract the admni folder til your office package.

the run Setup /admin

Important to set these setting correctly:
Also usefull to set these options, and let the users of the hook

Name it 1_xxxOffice2010.msp
Put it in the Updates folder.
During the initial installation of Office Professional Plus 2010 if there are multiple .msp files that are located in the Updates folder (the Setup customization file that was created by using the OCT), you need to ensure that the Setup customization file is the update applied at the beginning of the installation. This is performed by ensuring the desired .msp file is alphabetically first. In this example, if there were more than one .msp file, you would rename the file CustomFileOffice2010SilentInstall.MSP to 1_CustomFileOffice2010SilentInstall.MSP

Copy Config.xml to the same folder as Setup.exe

How Setup uses Config.xml

Setup looks for a copy of Config.xml in the same folder as Setup.exe. If a copy is not found there, Setup uses the Config.xml file that resides in the core product folder for the product that you are installing. (If multiple products are in the network installation point, Setup waits until you specify which product to install before it looks for the copy of Config.xml.) The copy of Config.xml that resides in the product folder identifies the product through the Product attribute of the Configuration element.

Now, finished creating the admin file.
Test the package by running Setup.exe without any switches.

If it doesnt work. Check your admin file setting. And check you MAK key if not using KMS.

Microsoft Links:
Download Office 2010 Cusmization Tool

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