Friday, October 7, 2011

Dell Client Integration Pack 2.0 for Configmgr 2007

Managing drivers can be quite a lot of work.

Dell has made this easy!

Download the Dell Client Integration Pack on the linke below. This make it easy to import Dell Driver packages (cab files) from Dell for your spesific model.

Dell CAB Download:

Dell BIOS Download:

In Task Sequence Add Driver Package, and use wmi query to target model.

They have also created a WinPE boot image driver pack, This you extract, import to SCCM, and add to respectivly X86/X64 boot images. Nice!

The CCTK, gives you ability to turn on TPM chip, set password, BIOS setting etc..
You can eiter inject it to the Boot image, or just use it like a Application package, and run commands.
The second option is the easyest.

The Dell Client Integration Pack 2.0 (DCIP) is an updated version of the Dell Client Deployment Pack (DCDP) plugin for Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager. In addition to the task sequence and driver deployment functionality of DCDP, it also includes:

  • OMCI Integration
  • CCTK Integration
  • Warranty Status
  • Intel AMT Out-of-band management

Dell TPM Bios - SCCM Task Sequence example
Enable TPM Task Sequence for ConfigMgr

Dell BIOS upgrade


  1. I have been searching hi and low on how to use the warranty plug in and actually get useful information from it, is there a how to guide somewhere? the documentation on this isn't really forthcoming.

  2. See if this information can get you to it.

  3. Cool I got that working, thanks for the info Nicolai. Is there a way to incorporate a function where it notifies you when servers are 90 days (for example) away from expiring?