Tuesday, September 20, 2011

MDT 2012 in SCCM 2012

Why do we have MDT 2012 for SCCM 2012?

MDT for SCCM 2012, also known as Zero Touch Deployment, provides ease of use wizards, task sequence actions such as language config and server roles enablement, and enables common usage of the MDT "rules" capability which centralizes the variable management and is the same technology shared with Lite Touch.  People often use LTI and ZTI at the same time, and use LTI to build the reference image for ZTI deployments when you need to use the COPYPROFILE feature of setup.  This feature cannot be run in the local system account, which SCCM does, LTI does not.  We also ship UDI, an end user wizard for SCCM/ZTI deployments.  It' s purpose is to give the end user more control of apps that get installed where the default SCCM experience is zero input from the end user.

MDT 2010

  1. The biggest part of the update is support for Configuration Manager 2012
  2. The wizards have been updated and are now “prettier”
  3. Bugs from MDT 2010 Update 1 have been addressed

ConfigMgr 2012 Support – MDT 2012 beta 1 provides support for ConfigMgr 2012. You will not see any obvious changes vs. how this works with ConfigMgr 2010. So if you feel comfortable with using MDT with ConfigMgr 2007 then you will be fine with ConfigMgr 2012.

When you are creating an image with MDT 2012 it is very easy to see how the image creation process is progressing. However once you get to the task where the image is captured it looks like the task is frozen, you have no idea how long the capture process will take.
Now the MDT team have added a progress bar.

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