Thursday, June 2, 2011

This is what I do...

OS : Windows 2008 R2

Turn off UAC temporarily. It will ease your pain along with setup and config.

Remember to Turn it back on afterwards.

Don’t Rush it!

Install WDS – reboot

Add PSP role in SCCM.

SCUP 2011

Remember to start as Admin to get the WSUS config.

If using WSUS Cert. You can add this to a GPO and off you Go.

Client Reporting

Remember to start as Admin to get SQL connected.

Buid your Windows 7 Image on Hyper-V. WMWare will work also.
Go 64bit if hardware is ready, check drivers, printers, and of course applications.
Remember to check Internet Explorer sites.

Remember Antivirus Exclusion! Or it will slow down your system and may malefunktion.
There is also a doc from Microsoft. Antivirus Exclusion Guidelines.

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